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Javon Jackson – “With Peter Bradley”, Soundtrack and Original Score

Javon Jackson/Tenor Saxophone/Jeremy Manasia/Piano, Greg Glassman/Trumpet, David Williams/Bass, Charles Goold/Drums, McClenty Hunter/Drums

Javon Jackson’s soundtrack to the documentary “With Peter Bradley” is a color-full, soul-full, heart-full collaboration between artistic comrades bearing different creative gifts, but both – All About Jazz, All About Art.

I can’t catch all the waves that washed over me while watching the documentary, but I recognize truth when I see it, when I feel it, when I hear it – And Javon Jackson’s music resonates with the spirit, the shape, the sound of the artist.  “With Peter Bradley” – It’s all there, In Living Color. – Lucas


from the press release:  Under-sung in the art world despite a prolific 50-year career, abstract artist Peter Bradley has finally begun receiving his due acclaim. That continues with the release of the new documentary With Peter Bradley, which documents the artist’s dedicated daily practice. Bradley’s work is inextricably linked with his love of jazz, which provides the atmosphere and inspiration for all of his paintings.  Saxophonist and composer Jackson was an ideal choice to compose the film’s score, not just for his direct ties to the jazz tradition that has fueled Bradley’s work and his gift for musical portraiture, but for his longtime friendship with the artist. “I’ve known Peter Bradley for many years,” Jackson recounts. “He was a friend of Art Blakey’s, so he would often come to see the band during my time with Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers. Over the years we stayed in contact and I knew that he was an artist, but I didn’t know to what degree.”  Upon viewing the film and becoming acquainted with the magnitude of Bradley’s oeuvre, Jackson came to recognize not just a friend but also a kindred spirit. “He’s a jazz musician,” the saxophonist chuckled, “only his instrument is paint.”

“Jazz lifts your spirit & adds color to your mind” – Peter Bradley

“Art Blakey always said if we’re not doing a good enough job to help young people know of it, and be aware of the masters, then we can’t complain that there’s a lack of it. So, to the degree that I do my part, I feel like I’m part of this big picture, which is what Peter feels – like he’s one small part of the big picture.” – Javon Jackson

Welcome our new KeyPlayer Javon Jackson CEO, composer, educator, and saxophonist. You can connect with Javon Jackson on Instagram @imjavonjackson or his website https://javonjackson.com/ (Interview contains soundtrack/song excerpts in the following order:  The Game, Peter Bradley, In The Studio, 1 Plus 1) 


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